Vitamins Your Hair Needs In Order To Grow

Vitamins Your Hair Needs In Order To Grow

Growing your hair can take time, but it can also take longer depending on any deficiencies that you have. If you are suffering from a loss in vitamins such as iron and biotin, you could be in need of a change in your diet or even some additional vitamins. This will help to build the foundation for a healthy scalp and encourage the follicle to grow. In this article, we will be looking into some of the vitamins that you need to keep your hair growing and looking healthy all year round.


Biotin is a crucial vitamin for your hair that is responsible for increasing the growth of your hair as well as the thickness and the strength to keep your hair looking great all year round. Without the nutrient of biotin in your body, you could suffer from hair loss or thinning of the hair as it can become brittle and begin to break. If you are experiencing hair loss that is not resolved through the use of hair supplements, looking at some of the best hair transplant clinic turkey reviews can help you to find the right clinic for your chosen cosmetic surgery. This will help to reverse the signs of severe hair loss and will increase confidence over time, helping you to look and feel great all year round.

Vitamin C

Another vitamin that you need for hair growth is vitamin C as it helps to boost shine and help other vitamins absorb into the body. This can be found in a number of foods such as broccoli, red and green peppers as well as spinach, cabbage, and other leafy greens. This can be integrated into your diet with ease to give you what you need in no time at all. In addition to this, other supplements can be taken orally to give you the boost you need, alongside your already healthy diet.


With as many as 80% of the people in the world deficient in iron according to the world health organisation, it is no surprise that so many of us are taking some sort of iron supplement. But did you know this is needed for general wellbeing as well as hair growth? Without iron, your hair you can begin to experience the early signs of hair loss. Though this is not immediate with some people, most will begin to see thinning or other symptoms over time.  By taking an iron supplement, you can then begin to reverse these signs and make the hair look healthier than ever before. If the hair loss continues, you can then resort to more severe measures to correct the hair loss and keep yourself looking and feeling great.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a crucial vitamin that is responsible for vision as well as the immune system and over hair growth. If you are running low in this particular vitamin or suffer from a low immune system, this can begin to affect the hair growth and leave your hair looking dull and flat. By taking a supplement or altering your diet slightly, this will help to boost the growth of the hair and keep it looking shiny every day.

Whether you are experiencing hair loss that is substantial or you are just looking to keep your hair looking great, you can have the results that you want with a few simple changes. Where will you start?

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