Vitamin D Might be Linked with Cardiovascular Health for Women

Vitamin D Might be Linked with Cardiovascular Health for Women

The advantages of Vitamin D are well known. This vitamin is great for the immune function, reduction of inflammation and many others. One of the most important functions of vitamin D is the fact that it is amazing for the health of bones.

However, it appears that vitamin D levels could affect even more than that. For example, we already know that if a person has enough vitamin D, then the bad cholesterol levels (the ones with low density lipoprotein) will be quite low, while the good cholesterol levels will be high.

Cardiovascular health study

A new study appeared in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. This time, the scientists focused on various associations. They focused on young women, and they analysed blood pressure, levels of cholesterol, and obviously vitamin D.

This study revealed that high vitamin D levels are usually linked with lower visceral fat percentage, lower fat percentage and a reduction in body mass index. The researchers analysed 557 women, aged between 16 and 25 years.

The study also revealed that increasing the vitamin D levels also led to a small increase in triglyceride and HDL levels. The increase was smaller than 1% in both cases. Since the differences are so small, it is hard to say whether they have a big clinical significance.

Additionally, the results don’t apply for all women, only for young ones, as the ones who were part of the research had ages under 25. It is difficult to say yet whether the cardiovascular risk and vitamin D can be associated and more studies will be needed.

Nevertheless, while we can’t say for sure that vitamin D can affect the cardiovascular risk, this vitamin still remains an important one for the human body and it brings several benefits.


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