Video of Australian Getting Rid of an Aggressive Crocodile Using a Frying Pan Goes Viral

Video of Australian Getting Rid of an Aggressive Crocodile Using a Frying Pan Goes Viral

About 1,000 people are killed by crocodiles each year. The animals’ appetite for human flesh is well-known, but an Australian had shown the world that it could be very easy to get rid of a crocodile that’s coming towards you.

Forget guns, sharp blades, and anything else! According to, the man in question is a pub owner from the Northern Territory who was brave enough to confront a crocodile using nothing else but a frying pan. And he became victorious! Furthermore, he does it with incredible calm and elegance. You can see the video below, but we warn you that it may cause intense laughter that may lead to serious pain in your belly!


The video immediately went viral, and we can easily understand why. Crocodiles that measure over 8 feet represent a serious threat to humans. However, the most dangerous species are saltwater and nile crocodiles, as they actively hunt humans. 

About a week ago, we even spoke about a newly discovered species of crocodiles that lived long ago and had human ancestors on the menu. They had been living in East Africa over 15 million years ago. They were giant dwarf crocodiles called Kinyang mabokoensis and Kinyang tchernovi. The animals reached measures of even 12 feet in length.

Christopher Brochu, the corresponding author of that previous study and also a professor at Iowa in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences explained about those species as quotes:

These were the biggest predators our ancestors faced,

They were opportunistic predators, just as crocodiles are today. It would have been downright perilous for ancient humans to head down to the river for a drink.

In the end, you got the point: being anywhere near a crocodile is extremely dangerous and life-threatening. But that can change if you’re the guy from the video above and you have a frying pan in your hand.


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