The Video Of Identical Quadruplets Hugging Each Other Has Gone Viral


Identical quadruplets girls are hugging each other while they are filmed by their mum. The video, which was then uploaded on Facebook, has been viewed by more than 28 million times and viewers left dozens of comments expressing their happiness and joy.

Bethani and Tim Webb from Alberta, Canada, have become parents almost 2 years ago when Bethani gave birth to four identical quadruplets who were conceived naturally. Conceiving quadruplets is a very rare thing without treatment, having the odds of 1 in 730,000 while conceiving and delivering identical quadruplets has a possibility of occurring of 1 in 15 million.

Recently, when the Webbs girls are just 19-month-old, the family lived some lovely moments which were shared with the community via social networking. The girls shared their love by hugging each other dozens of times as Bethani was filming them to record the lovely memory for the eternity. The mother of the four adorable girls uploaded the video on social media and the people who watched the video fell totally in love with the young girls and their love sharing episode and thanked the girl’ parents for sharing such a lovely video.

With more than 28 million views on Facebook, the video of identical quadruplets hugging each other has gone viral.

In the last years, with the development of technology and social media sites, has emerged a new trend among parents who often upload funny videos or images of their babies. Many of this kind of videos or images become viral as people share such posts a lot on social media.

The video of identical quadruplets hugging each other transmits something else than joy and a few laughs, something much closer to what children’s purity and unconditioned love are, two things that this video is reminding adults of, and that’s why it even hit on the news sites and TV.


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