Video of 50-Year-Old Woman Washing Her Car in Bikini Goes Viral

Video of 50-Year-Old Woman Washing Her Car in Bikini Goes Viral

People were amazed by the video of the attractive 50-year-old who washed her car in a bikini. Jennifer King is from North Carolina, United States, and made the headlines a couple of times this year after sharing interesting videos of herself. For this purpose, she used the YouTube channel under the name Banshee Moon.

What Are the Videos About?

For example, one of the clips she previously published showed her wearing no bra and trying on a very tight T-shirt. Another one depicted her going naked on a parade outdoors. The most recent one though shocked many viewers, since it was basically an advertisement for a shock collar dedicated to “wife training”.

A New Clip

Now it seems that Jennifer got back to her old activities and released a video of her thoroughly washing a sports car in a lime green color. The video shows the brunette matching the color of the car with the color of her bikini. From what it seems, the car belongs to her husband, and it’s a Dodge Challenger.

She keeps smiling to the camera while she is taking care of the vehicle. Everything looks very nice until she gets disgusted by a splatter of dead insects found on the car. At that point, she says “bug juice” and leaves the car.

Fans’ Reactions

It seems that the video was very well received and some fans loved it. One user even commented that the video is “wow” and “absolutely beautiful”, declaring that he loves her. Another comment flatters her by saying she is “drop dead gorgeous” and “full of light and life”. Yet another user said that her video is “better than old TV”. To fans’ delight, a couple of weeks ago Jennifer made an offer: she wanted to strip totally naked for her fans, for the amount of  £1.6 million.


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