Vaping, Marketed As A Life-Saving Strategy For Smokers Trying To Quit Smoking – The Truth

Vaping, Marketed As A Life-Saving Strategy For Smokers Trying To Quit Smoking – The Truth

Federal regulators have not approved vaping as a smoking cessation ad, at least not for now, but some have marketed it as being one of the most viable life-saving strategies for smokers to help them quit the deadly addiction.

There are lots of testimonials coming from people who have been able to successfully switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping. A lot of them are highly emotionally charged with people saying that a simple vaping kit has managed to eventually save their lives and offered them a second chance. What’s most important is that such claims are supported by research which highlights that the use of vaping is a viable smoking cessation ad. For instance, one study that has been published in the BMJ has proven that there is a strong link between vaping and smoking cessation.

It’s been a long time since the inception of vaping and the debate regarding the benefits of vaping over smoking traditional cigarettes. Even if e-cigarettes are already being used all over the world, there are still people who are not entirely convinced about the safety of vaping compared to the habit of traditional smoking.

Proven benefits of vaping

Less harmful substances

The vaping juice contains fewer chemicals compared to the harmful toxins involved in traditional smoking. The E-liquid, PG, VG and food grade flavor are all approved by the FDA.

Less addictive

Traditional smoking is highly addictive due to nicotine and vaping liquids without the substance are much safer.

Helps to quit smoking

There have been a lot of e-cigarette users who admit that vaping was the first step towards ditching the habit of smoking. As we said, reports claim that people cease smoking for at least three months since using vaping.

Vast palette of flavors

Another benefit of vaping is the vast variety of flavors that are available to users according to their preferences and tastes.

Less harmful for others and the environment

Smoking is harmful to the smoker and the ones around, and passive smoking is already an issue. Vaping has proven to be safer for the people in the immediate vicinity and the environment as well. We all heard about fires starting on a yearly basis due to carelessly discarded cigarettes. Vaping doesn’t involve such risks for the environment.

Less costly

Besides health, social and environment-related benefits, vaping is also a cheaper option compared to traditional smoking.

As a conclusion, you can enjoy vaping without having to worry about its effects on your health or others’. Vaping is considered an acceptable and viable personal and social alternative to the harmful habit of smoking.


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