Vaping Electronic Cigs Almost Killed An 18-Year-Old Girl From Pennsylvania Who Needed Hospitalization To Recover

Vaping Electronic Cigs Almost Killed An 18-Year-Old Girl From Pennsylvania Who Needed Hospitalization To Recover

An 18-year-old girl from Pennsylvania was hospitalized with respiratory failure after just three weeks of vaping, which, according to doctors, directly caused her condition.

According to the press releases, this is the first case in which the inhalation of aromatic vapor has led to this condition. Doctors said that respiratory failure was caused by an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the vapors the girl used to inhale.

Vaping and electronic cigarettes have been proposed as a healthier alternative to traditional smoking but new studies conducted in recent years do not confirm this. Moreover, researchers cannot rule out the long-term effects, as vaping is relatively new.

However, cases of pneumonia and various allergic reactions to inhaled substances have been recorded, even though they are rare.

Vaping almost killed a the18-year-old girl who breathed normally again only after 5 days of hospitalization

The teenager in question went to the hospital after he started coughing, having breathing difficulties, and experiencing pains in the lungs. The girl had asthma and allergy to Brazil nuts, but the symptoms did not show the effect of these conditions.

Her condition got so bad that tubes had to be inserted into the lungs, through the chest, to drain the fluid that accumulated. After the possibility of an infection has been ruled out, the adolescent was given a steroid to inhibit the immune system in the event of a severe allergic reaction.

Now, the patient is much better and five days after getting to the hospital she could breathe much better.

Although it is an isolated case, specialists warn about the dangers of electronic cigarettes.

Other studies have also shown that there are other concerns regarding vaping, such as the nature of substances used for flavors that may be harmful to the immune system. Another study has shown that heavy metals end up in the inhaled vapors. Furthermore, there are cases where electronic cigarettes devices exploded.


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