Vape to Actually be Better Than Normal Cigarettes?

Vape to Actually be Better Than Normal Cigarettes?

It seems that vaping is proved to be safer than smoking actual cigarettes, research shows. Even more, it is said to prevent lots and lots of deaths.

Is vaping going to change your life?

According to a study, vaping is a less damaging way to smoke and it’s actually recommended for a smoker to switch to vaping as soon as possible, see more details on vaping now. Vaping actually consists of safer products which have nicotine, like e-cigarettes, nicotine gums and even nicotine patches, which are said to be good for your health. But this does not mean that they’re healthier than no smoking at all. They can help you keep the smoking under control and not excessing with it. They can sometimes even help you cut them off forever. This is one of the main reasons why it is wanted for all the persons who smoke to switch from toxic tobacco to vaping – it’s much safer.

Cigarettes doing the most harm to the world

The study also showed that if smokers actually switched to vaping, in 10 years this would prevent around 6,6 millions of early deaths, which comes to a total sum of 86 million years not lost due to cigarettes. Let’s not forget that cigarettes contain carbon monoxide and other chemicals which are known to cause cancer. They’re also the most addictive vice ever known.

What should I do?

Of course, the most healthy thing to do is to not start smoking in the first place. Or to try to cut them all from your life. And then we are to talk about switching to vaping – gum and patches, but these are also more expensive. But is there really a price to be put on health?

Nicotine is not the one to really cause heart and lung diseases, or even cancer – but normal cigarettes are, and they kill hundreds of thousands of Americans per year. Maybe this will convince you to give a chance to vaping!


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