UV Lamps Used For Manicure Purposes Can Expose Women To Skin Cancer If Frequently Used

UV Lamps Used For Manicure Purposes Can Expose Women To Skin Cancer If Frequently Used

Women who usually get their nails arranged with acrylic gel or UV gel have been recommended to utilize sunscreen previously or wear special gloves to restrict the inherent injury at which they are exposed by the UV lamps utilized to dry the nail gel finish and which can, eventually, cause skin cancer.

UV lamps emit UV radiations which can lead to skin cancer

UV lamps are often utilized in beauty studios in the process of applying UV gel nails or acrylic gel nails.

These UV lamps contain 4 UV neons that, according to the specialists, emit a light ‘rich’ in UV radiations that can cause cancer, to the same extent as the UV tanning beds.

The Australasian Journal of Dermatology issued a report created by a team of plastic surgeons based in Ireland who admitted that they’ve faced with cases of skin cancer tumors which developed on the hands of the women who were frequently exposed to the manicure UV lamps.

The US Skin Cancer Foundation already took measures in this regard

Even though there is no scientific evidence in this regard, the before-mentioned team of surgeons tells that UV lamps are harmful, therefore, women who usually apply UV gel nail or acrylic nails should use UV protection creams or special gloves just to be sure.

“The Skin Cancer Foundation in the USA and the American Academy of Dermatology, recommend that prior to a gel manicure, clients should apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to the hands,” the surgeons said in their report.

Other specialists think the UV lamps emit small amounts of UV radiations but are still dangerous

Other experts believe that UV lamps used for manicure purposes only emit small UV radiations amounts but, when frequently exposed to them, women could indeed develop different issues at the hands’ skin’s level which can also lead to cancer.

“Generally, these devices emit low levels of UV radiation and women are exposed for very short periods. However, UV damage adds up over time so protecting your hands is recommended,” admits the Chairwoman of the National Skin Cancer Committee in Australia, Heather Walker.

In conclusion, women who are usually exposed to manicure UV lamps should protect their hands’ skin with sunscreen creams or special gloves to avoid developing skin cancer.


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