Using Pure CBD Tinctures For Depression

Using Pure CBD Tinctures For Depression

Nowadays, more and more people are getting diagnosed with depression. It’s a condition marked by a continuous feeling of sadness and extremely low energy. Patients struggling with depression have difficulty going about their daily activities and interacting with their loved ones and friends. This mental condition is caused by an imbalance in one’s neurotransmitters in the brain. The imbalance in some of the brain’s chemicals leads one to suffer from depression. If you’re battling depression and are looking for alternatives to the medications routinely prescribed by doctors, here’s some information on depression and on using pure cannabidiol (CBD) tinctures to deal with depression.

Your Body Produces Cannabinoids

Your body actually makes endocannabinoids. These are chemicals that help regulate important bodily functions such as how you feel and how you sense pain. Endocannabinoids also have an impact on your sleep and appetite. These important chemicals bind themselves to your brain cells, which act as receptors. Together, endocannabinoids and receptors work to release serotonin, which lifts up your mood and lowers your stress levels. Serotonin controls the part of your brain that experiences and processes anxiety and fear. In order for you to be optimistic and able to manage fearfulness, you need a healthy level of serotonin.

Clinical depression is caused by a mix of factors such as heredity, your environment, and highly stressful events or problems that you encounter. Because of these factors, your brain may get so affected that its production of serotonin significantly lowers. The lack of serotonin in your brain will lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, and fear.

CBD Tinctures May Provide Your Body with Cannabinoids

Under great stress, your body may have a hard time producing endocannabinoids, which causes the lowering of serotonin levels in your brain. This is where using Every Day Optimal CBD tinctures may help.

CBD tinctures contain cannabidiol (CBD) which is a chemical compound or phytocannabinoid that is naturally produced by the hemp plant. As a phytocannabinoid, CBD can help regulate your body’s central nervous system. CBD tinctures can work to help your body’s endocannabinoids boost your appetite and your mood, as well as address your feelings of depression.

Taking the Right Dosage of CBD Tincture Is Key

Ingesting CBD oil is a possible effective treatment for depression. Finding the right dose to take may vary from person to person. To start, get your doctor on board with your plan to use CBD tinctures to manage your depression. You may need to try out different dosages and observe how each preparation addresses your symptoms. Moreover, the dosage may need to be adjusted as you slowly taper off taking traditional antidepressant medications and transition towards taking CBD tinctures only.

The way to take the tincture is by administering the liquid in drops under your tongue. Doing so enables the cannabidiol to be absorbed by your bloodstream immediately. You’ll feel the positive effect of the CBD right away. To ensure that your body is able to absorb as much CBD as possible, retain the oil under your tongue for as long as you can before you swallow it. If you can’t tolerate the taste of the tincture, you may add drops of it to a drink such as tea.

For starters, your doctor may instruct you to take the 300mg tincture. It’s affordable and it’s a good dosage to introduce your body to CBD. Taking this tincture may help you feel less stressed, more relaxed and calm, and help improve your mood.

CBD Will Not Get You High or Addicted

Don’t get CBD or cannabidiol confused with THC or tetrahydrocannabidiol. Although THC is also a cannabinoid present in the hemp plant, it’s totally different from CBD.

THC is the cannabinoid that may cause a person to feel high and exhilarated or euphoric. This is what marijuana users experience. CBD is different in that it’s not a psychoactive chemical. It won’t have the same euphoric effect on your body as THC. CBD won’t affect the cognitive functions of your brain.

In a report prepared by the World Health Organization in November 2017, the institution declared that CBD doesn’t contain any components that consumers may get addicted to. Taking CBD products may be safely ingested by both humans and animals. Moreover, you won’t become dependent on CBD tinctures as these don’t act in the same way as THC.


CBD tinctures may provide alternative treatment for patients diagnosed with depression. If you’re suffering from the condition, you may discuss with your medical practitioner regarding the moderate use of CBD to alleviate your symptoms. Hopefully, CBD tinctures may help your mood improve, as well as address the other symptoms you may have that are caused by depression.


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