US Doctors Suggest Pregnant Women To Get The Covid-19 Vaccine Despite Other Recommendations

US Doctors Suggest Pregnant Women To Get The Covid-19 Vaccine Despite Other Recommendations

Major medical groups in the US have specific messages for pregnant women – Consider getting vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

Dr Christopher Zahn, the five perceived of practice activities for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, stated:

“US regulatory bodies and medical experts have clearly stated that all eligible pregnant individuals should have the choice to receive the vaccine.”

Richard Beigi, member of ACOG’s Immunization, Infectious Disease, and Public Health Preparedness Expert Work Group, added:

“There’s really no theoretical reason to believe it’s going to cause harm to either the mother or her unborn child and we’re very confident it’s going to provide considerable benefits to both the mother and the baby.”

Only minor groups of people like those who suffer from severe allergies and have a history of anaphylactic shock or some form of cancer are advised not to get vaccinated.

However, the experts are firm on the subject that pregnant women should get vaccinated.

If you are a pregnant woman and still have doubts about the subject, talk with your OB-GYN.

Curiously, the situation across the globe is different. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommended against using the Moderna vaccine recently unless the advantage of getting vaccinated far outweighs the potential risks of the treatment.

The WHO also recommended against using the Pfizer version during pregnancy earlier this month.

The main reason is that there is a lack of safety data on pregnant women who were excluded from the initial vaccine trials.

“Due to insufficient data, WHO does not recommend the vaccination of pregnant women at this time,” says an extract from the official Pfizer page.

However, the so-called “potential vaccine risks” are still only pure speculations, but that doesn’t mean that they can manifest.


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