Unlicensed Indian Doctor Infected 21 Patients With HIV

Unlicensed Indian Doctor Infected 21 Patients With HIV

At least 21 people in northern India have been infected with HIV after a fake physician has injected them using syringes with contaminated needles, the DPA reported on Tuesday morning. The fake Indian doctor, Rajendra Yadav, was practicing unlicensed medicine in the Unnao district of the Uttar Pradesh state of India.

Police in Unnao district, located in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, has launched an investigation against Rajendra Yadav, who left the region in anticipation of his detention, said SP Choudhary, the official of the district’s medical authority.

According to him, the State Department of Health has launched an investigation following reports of an increase in the number of cases of HIV infections in the Bangarmau region.

At the moment, 21 people of the 566 individuals tested were HIV-positive, the officials said.

“Locals say that the fake doctor who used to treat their usual illnesses rarely changes needles and syringes and often uses them repeatedly,” said SP Choudhary from the Unnao district’s medical authority.

“We suspect that most, perhaps all of the cases here, are caused by reused contaminated syringes and needles,” the official added.

The quality of medical services in India is poor because of the shortage of medical staff and insufficient health facilities when compared with the continuous growth of the Indian population.

In conformity with a report in 2016, in India, there are more than 2 million people infected with HIV. Even though it is still a big figure, according to the same report, Indian HIV-infected population decreased by 20% in comparison with the data from 2015 and 2014.

Millions of poor people living in cities and villages rely on false physicians who offer them cheap treatments.

The Medical Association of India estimates that, despite the campaigns run by the Indian health authorities, there are at least 1 million people in the country who practice unlicensed medicine. The health authorities promise to increase the strictness of the measures against these fake doctors.


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