UN Head of Cop15 Nature Summit Warns That the Planet is More Important Than Football

UN Head of Cop15 Nature Summit Warns That the Planet is More Important Than Football

With the FIFA World Cup from Qatar starting in November, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some people might see the competition as even more important than the safety of our environment. Of course, that’s a sad aspect that needs attention.

The UN biodiversity conference known as Cop15 will also be held later this year – in December in Canada. The goal is to establish a new set of rules for the safety of our nature in the long run. But since the football World Cup also gathers the attention of world leaders, let’s all hope that they won’t add exaggerated emphasis on the competition to the detriment of Cop15. According to The Guardian, that’s also the concern of Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, who’s an executive secretary of the UN Convention regarding Biological Diversity.

No life beyond the World Cup?

As much as men like football, most of them don’t believe that there isn’t life beyond the World Cup. Or at least that’s what we hope. 

Mrema explained as The Guardian quotes:

All leaders will have to think twice [about the clash between Cop15 and the World Cup]. You can go to the World Cup but what does it mean if there’s no life beyond that when you come back?

If they go to Qatar, then they should leave behind appropriate instructions,

Otherwise they will be embarrassed.

Cop15 is also known as the Conference of the Parties. 

The 2022 FIFA World Cup competition includes the participation of 32 national teams that will fight for the big trophy across eight stadiums in Qatar. The biggest absence this year is Italy, which is, otherwise, one of the strongest nations in World Cup history. Italy won a total of four World Cups, the second-best performance in history alongside Germany, and after Brazil, the nation that conquered five trophies in all its history. World leaders usually participate as spectators in the World Cup tournament that’s being held once every four years. 

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