UK Inhabitants can Watch the International Space Station Fly on Christmas Eve

UK Inhabitants can Watch the International Space Station Fly on Christmas Eve

There are not many opportunities during which people can watch the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting Planet Earth. On Christmas Eve it will be visible from the UK and those who want can admire it. Children might mistake it for Santa’s sleigh.

How to track ISS and make sure your children does not miss it:

This year the International Space Station will be visible on the morning of the Christmas Eve at about 7:30 am, UK time. Other years it was visible in more locations, but this year those interested will have one shot to spot it. This year the timing might make it more difficult to spot it, due to daylight. Even so, there is an ISS tracker which can help you calculate when it is the right time to look out the window.

Get an ISS tracker

This kind of app can be downloaded by smartphone users and they will get notified in real time the location of the ISS.

Some recommended ISS tracker apps are:

  • ISS Finder:

This app has a white design and it also has a Night Mode. The Night Mode can be enabled and it will help you keep an eye on the ISS. The app offers star rating and it makes it easier for the user to determine the best date and time for enjoying watching ISS with the best visibility possible. ISS Finder also offers information about the crew onboard and it is good to read some interesting information.

  • GoISSWatch is an app for iOS with a better design and interface. It can only be used for iPhones, but it is intuitive and user-friendly. The app will notify the user five minutes ahead the ISS passing.
  • Email alerts: those who do not like to waste time downloading and operating an app can use the website dedicated by NASA for those who want to create email alerts.


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