UFO Crash Site Discovered In Antarctica With Google Earth

UFO Crash Site Discovered In Antarctica With Google Earth

Valentin Degterev, a Russian UFO hunter, claims he found the wreckage of a UFO in Antarctica with Google Earth. He said the form he discovered is an obvious sign of a crashed UFO.

The object is 70 meters long and 20 meters wide

“I think there is very large disc-shaped flying machine among the frozen ice. I found the unique object in Antarctica by using the Google Earth online service. In the vast, endless ice desert, this seems the most authentic UFO in its most classical form,” Valentin Degterev said.

The object which is believed to be a UFO is located on the coordinates of 80° 34’08.4″ S 30° 05’19.3″ W and anyone interested can see it on Google Earth. The object measures about 20 meters in width and 70 meters in length and cannot be explained or compared with anything else on our planet.

The official theory

However, unlike Mr. Valentin Degterev, Andrew Fleming of the British Antarctic Survey claimed that the object was simply a crunch in the ground.

“A crevasse is a big crack in the ice formed by the differential movement of ice. It can be tens of meters deep. It’s a big crevasse, nothing unusual, even though it’s spectacular. It’s definitely not a UFO,” said Andrew Flaming.

There is something more about the Degterev’s UFO

After this discovery was made public, many UFO hunters started to search the surroundings of the crash site using Google Earth.

Several UFO researchers of this mysterious UFO discovery have found, in the same place, four huge tanks in the middle of the Antarctic ice! The images were taken by the Google satellite between April and December 2011.

What were those tanks looking for in the middle of the ice? Are those tanks connected to Degterev’s UFO?

Nobody knows the answers to those questions but the four tanks presence there could mean that something mysterious has really happened in the area.


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