Type-2 Diabetes Signs can be Noticed even Several Years Before Being Diagnosed

Type-2 Diabetes Signs can be Noticed even Several Years Before Being Diagnosed

Diabetes is a disease which can be prevented if we live a healthy life and keep the right proportion in every aspect of our life. Also, if we are careful and read the ”messages” sent by our body, we will understand that we are threatened by diabetes and change our lifestyle.

According to researchers, type-2 diabetes can be detected long before the patient receives this diagnosis. As we can imagine, this makes prevention and treatment a lot more efficient than in the case of patients who discover that they are suffering from this disease after it starts producing effects in their bodies.

What are the signs of type-2 diabetes and when can we notice them?

If you notice that your blood sugar levels are high and, after the necessary tests, your doctor tells you that you developed insulin resistance, you should be worried. Usually, these are signs that you could develop type-2 diabetes.

Don’t think that you are too young; you could experience the disease’s nasty symptoms even 20 years before being diagnosed. Another worrying fact is that type-2 diabetes can be misdiagnosed when the patient is over 30 years old. The logical conclusion is that you have to live healthy in your early life if you want to keep diabetes away from you in your later life.

The sooner it’s diagnosed, the more efficient the treatment is

More and more studies associate diabetes with other health problems, like heart disease which can lead to a stroke or blindness. However, many patients who discovered that they are suffering from this disease when it wasn’t too late and started the treatment as soon as they found out, manage to control the situation.

Your health is very important, so take good care of it! Don’t wait until it is too late!


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