Two Doctors Suspended In India After Using A Patient’s Amputated Leg As A Pillow

Two Doctors Suspended In India After Using A Patient’s Amputated Leg As A Pillow

The images showing an Indian patient on a stretcher with his amputated leg used as a pillow shocked India today. The patient was seriously injured in a car accident. After the image emerged, two Indian doctors have been suspended and an investigation is now underway after a patient’s amputated leg has been used to prop his head after the surgery, according to the local hospital authorities statement.

“We have set up a four-member committee to establish who put the amputated leg under the patient’s head,” said Sadhna Kaushik, head of the Maharani Laxmibai Hospital in Jhansi, in central India.

The patient was injured in a car accident

“Strict actions will be taken if it is the fault of our staff,” added Sadhna Kaushik the emergence of the images showing the patient on a stretcher with his amputated leg under his head.

The patient, identified as Ghanshyam, 28, was seriously injured in a bus accident.

The man’s family told NDTV that the hospital staff refused to give him a pillow

“When we arrived at the hospital, we saw that his amputated leg was used as a pillow. I repeatedly asked the doctors to intervene, but they refused,” said Janaki Prasad, one of the patient’s relative, for NDTV.

Prasad also suggested that the patient’s relatives bought a pillow from a local market.

On the other hand, the hospital’s medical staff assures that one of the man’s relatives has used the amputated leg as a pillow.

Once again it has been proven the Indian public healthcare services are poor

Indian public hospitals are underfunded and severely understaffed.

The state of Uttar Pradesh, which has 200 million inhabitants, is one of the poorest states in the country, and patients often have to wait hours or even days to get a simple checkup or treatment.

Now, a patient’s amputated leg used as a pillow makes the headlines of the Indian press, while a little more than one month ago, an unlicensed doctor infected 46 people with HIV by reusing the same syringe.


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