Tucker Carlson Says Aliens Is A Subject He Is Scared To Cover – It Hides Secrets Too Dark

Tucker Carlson Says Aliens Is A Subject He Is Scared To Cover – It Hides Secrets Too Dark

Tucker Carlson recently addressed that there is a subject out there that he is extremely scared to cover – he is referring at aliens. Check out more details about what he meant.

Tucker Carlson and aliens

Tucker Carlson says ‘Aliens’ are one of the few topics he is scared to cover, and says the things he has learned are so dark that he can’t even tell his wife.

“There’s a spiritual component there that I don’t fully understand.”

“There are parts of that story that I do not understand at all that are really, really, really dark. It’s so dark that I haven’t told my wife about it.”

“Parts of the government don’t want you to know about it, but part of it is the public can’t deal with it. It’s too far out. The implications are too profound.”

Someone commented: “This is clearly not the case. He’s not scared about the extradimensional hypothesis. Also, please don’t act as if you KNOW what he’s talking about. Unless you’ve talked to him about it, you don’t know.

He says it’s “very x 3″ dark. I don’t think we know what he talks about.”

Another follower said: “I think this video is great, but, I believe that Tucker & Collin are referencing a very specific story. One involving alien tech w/ human operators, doing some rather shady business. The implications from such stories begin to distort all semblances of reality for most.”

The truth is that until Carlson says exactly what he means, we can only speculate on the matter. Stay tuned; we’ll keep you posted.

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