Trying to Conceive? Here’s How to Look After Your Health

Trying to Conceive? Here’s How to Look After Your Health

If you’re trying for a baby, it’s a really good idea to get yourself as fit and healthy as possible. The healthier, and happier you are, the more likely you are to conceive quickly, have a good pregnancy, and give birth to a healthy baby, but what exactly should you do to look after your health when you’re looking to conceive?

Consult a doctor

Before you do anything else, it would be a really good idea to consult with your physician about your desire to get pregnant and have a full physical to monitor your current health levels and identify any potential problems. Even if everything seems okay at this point, if you struggle to get pregnant after several months, you may also want to consult a fertility expert like the one at When it comes to conceiving, the more you know about your body the better.

Lose weight

If you are overweight, losing as many of those excess pounds as you can, will almost certainly make it easier for you to conceive. Not only that but it will help you to have a much healthier pregnancy with fewer risks of complications like gestational diabetes. Losing even just a few pounds could make a huge difference, but be sure to do it the healthy way by eating less junk and increasing your fruit snd vegetable intake, and moving more. Crash diets are rarely healthy and they could make it harder to get pregnant, so be careful, and if you’re unsure, seek medical advice before you start dieting.

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Take prenatal vitamins

Taking prenatal vitamins, particularly folic acid, will help your body to be at the optimum level of health for conceiving and growing a baby. In the case of folic acid, it could also help to prevent birth defects in your child if and when you do become pregnant, so it’s a really important aspect of pregnancy health that you should not ignore. In order for your prenatal vitamins to be effective, they should contain at least 400 micrograms of folic acid each day.

Eat less of certain foods

When you’re trying to conceive it is, as we mentioned above, a good idea to clean up your diet and eat more fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, and wholegrains, However, there are some foods that you should eat less of or eliminate completely. Fish like tuna and mackerel, which have high levels of mercury, in particular, should be minimized as should caffeine-containing foods and drinks like coffee, which have been shown to decrease fertility, Can’t do without coffee? 1 or 2 cups a day should be fine, but try to stop there.


Why meditate when you’re trying to get pregnant? Because stress can stop things from happening and it’s really easy to get stressed when you’re trying to conceive with no luck. Apps like Calm and Headspace can help you to relax, decompress and think more positively about your life, so they really will help you to conceive.

If you still struggle after improving your health, you may need the specialist help only a doctor can offer. Good luck!


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