Traveling Safely During a Pandemic: Your Vehicle Options Ranked

Traveling Safely During a Pandemic: Your Vehicle Options Ranked

The coronavirus pandemic has been raging on for several months now, and many people are now struggling with the blues while being cooped up in the house for too long. Therefore, you don’t have to feel guilty about wanting to escape or go for a quick getaway despite health agencies advising against any kind of travel now.

As more and more borders begin to reopen, there is nothing wrong with going on a much-needed vacation right now, as long as you know how to stay healthy while traveling in a pandemic.

However, do keep in mind that much of your safety rests upon the kind of travel option you will choose for your next vacation. Some vehicles and modes of transportation are riskier than others in terms of possibly exposing you to the virus. To help you keep safe while on vacation, we have ranked your best travel options while weathering out the health crisis.

Private car

Nothing beats driving your own car when going on vacation. As long as you travel with people who are living with you at home, pack enough snacks, and leave with a full tank so you don’t have to stop frequently for gas and provisions. This way you can avoid coming in contact with other people not included in your party.

Simply pick a location that doesn’t attract a lot of visitors around the time you’re planning to visit. Another good alternative would be to rent an RV, which functions similarly as a privately-owned car.

Rented buses

If you’re planning to go with a bigger crowd other than the people you’re living with, you need to find travel options that allow for social distancing even for bigger crowds. Renting a bus will be your best bet since the vast floor area will allow you to sit far from each other.

Also, if you go for one of those buses that have a mini kitchen and toilet/bath options onboard, you wouldn’t have to make a lot of stops along the way, keeping you rather safe from possible contagion.


Going somewhere near and by yourself? Then you might want to consider just biking there. The open-air will be good for you, and you can easily avoid coming close to other people you might encounter on the road. You can even pull down your mask on deserted streets and trails if you feel the need to.

However, carefully assess the risk on your part because unfortunately, not all cities are bike-friendly.

Air travel

It’s a common misconception that air travel is the riskiest way to get from one place to another while the virus is everywhere. However, health advisories have mentioned time and again that the air filtration system in all modern planes make it difficult for germs and viruses to spread in-flight.

Additionally, many airlines have reduced their flight capacities in order to allow for physical distancing. However, you would still be spending enough time in airport terminals and security lines to catch the virus if you’re unlucky, so there are definitely better ways to travel for as long as this pandemic persists.

Sea travel

The availability of fresh-air spaces might make sea travel a tempting option for longer vacations, but it is not advisable because unless you are taking a private boat or yacht, it can get pretty challenging to practice physical distancing while traveling at sea.

Furthermore, it won’t be easy to evacuate everyone on board if it so happens that one of the passengers starts manifesting symptoms.

Public trains or buses

The riskiest way to travel right now is by using public transportation, most of which do not require screenings and negative test results from its passengers. It is also next to impossible to practice physical distancing while inside buses and train coaches. You will most likely be sitting or standing less than 6 feet away from someone else at any given time.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, you don’t actually have to stay holed up at home during the pandemic, especially if it’s taking a toll on your mental health. As long as you closely follow health and safety protocols, you can keep doing the things you like doing — even traveling.


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