Train Kills a Llama That Escaped Its Enclosure

Train Kills a Llama That Escaped Its Enclosure

In a small rural area in Germany, three llamas made a daring escape from their enclosure. Unfortunately, the youngest llama met a tragic fate when it was struck and killed by a passing train, according to DW. Concerned citizens reported the llamas roaming near the rail tracks, prompting a response from local and federal police. 

The keeper of the llamas had been attempting to capture the animals and managed to safely return the two adult llamas back to the enclosure. However, due to an accidental oversight, the young llama ventured onto the tracks and suffered a fatal injury.

Minor delays occurred for three trains

The incident briefly disrupted train traffic. Some people had their trains arriving a bit later than they were expecting. The police emphasize the importance of responsible animal ownership, urging owners to take precautions to prevent such incidents. Escaped animals on train tracks pose significant risks, such as potential damage to trains, tracks and the possibility of endangering lives.

Keeping llamas as pets isn’t common in Germany. Authorities remind animal owners that they may be held legally liable for any accidents or damages caused by their animals if they escape.

Usually, llamas are not known to be harmful to humans, so there’s no need to be hesitant in approaching such an animal as long as you do not have bad intentions. Llamas are domesticated animals that are often kept as pets, livestock, or used for trekking and therapy purposes. Llamas are usually gentle, social creatures with a calm temperament.

However, just like any other animal, llamas have the potential to exhibit defensive or aggressive behavior if they feel threatened or cornered. 

The unfortunate accident revealed above serves as a reminder of the dangers associated with animals roaming freely near train tracks, as caution and responsible care from people are crucial.



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