Totalitarianism In Australia: Social Credit Introduced To Access The Internet Via Digital ID

Totalitarianism In Australia: Social Credit Introduced To Access The Internet Via Digital ID

It seems that Australia is going full-blown totalitarian. Check out the latest mind-blowing reports about this below.

Here is the relevant tweet that sheds light on the issue.

Someone hopped in the comments section and dropped the following message: “That video over two years old and the government were voted out before they could implement anything .But I’m sure the next gov are planning something.”

Another follower said: “Freedom of speech denied in AUS and you accept it ! I cannot believe that a resilient natiom such as yours will roll over and lick the boot in your necks ! You have always punched above your weight on the worlds sports fields. What has happened to change your brave spirit?”

More details about the digitalization in the world

If you’ve been wondering what a digital jail is, well, you can check out the answer about this in a short video that I found on Twitter. Check out the latest reports about what the future may hold for us.

Here’s a really interesting tweet:

If you are wondering what 15-minute cities are, well, you can check out more info below.

15 minutes cities would end freedom as we know it, that’s for sure. 

Here’s more info on the 15-minute cities.

Cities where you don’t have to own anything and yet you will be happy. Cities where everything is really close to home, and you don’t need to own a car. Cities where you are basically imprisoned in a district with only a few times a year allowed to get out of it. Covid has opened the door to hell for civilians and if we do not take action, the future is not looking too bright. 

Check out more disturbing data below.

On the other hand, it’s also important to note the fact that CDBCs could not be implemented without digital IDs. 

Here’s more info on CBDCs:

Stay tuned for more interesting news about the digitalization of the world. 

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