Tornado Hits Big City in China and Ignites Fireballs – Watch VIDEO

Tornado Hits Big City in China and Ignites Fireballs – Watch VIDEO

It’s not amusing at all when nature goes berserk and becomes eager to take charge. The outcome might hunt your memories forever. Foshan, a large city in China that has over 9 million inhabitants, has witnessed a tornado hitting without mercy and igniting fireballs due to power lines getting damaged.

The tornado damaged even buildings, vehicles, as well as other local infrastructure elements, according to the BBC. Residents were diligent and brave enough to catch the terrible event on camera, and you can watch some relevant footage below:

The tornado took place on Sunday, June 19, in the morning at 7:26 am local time. The tornado even reached speeds of 11 meters per second. Unsurprisingly, several areas were left without electrical power.  

Foshan covers an area of 3,848 square kilometers, and it reaches an elevation of 16 meters. It’s a prefecture-level city located in the central part of the Guangdong Province of China. 

Foshan is also alternately romanized as Fatshan, and it’s part of Pearl River Delta Economic Zone’s western side. The city also has an important historical meaning, being considered the home of Cantonese opera, which is a genre of Chinese opera.

Guangdong is located in South China, and it’s a coastal province. It’s also the most populous province of the Asian country. The area has a population exceeding 126 million inhabitants that live in an area of 179.800 square kilometers.

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