Top Websites & Resources for Passing Microsoft MCSA 70-740 windows Server 2016 Certification Exam

Top Websites & Resources for Passing Microsoft MCSA 70-740 windows Server 2016 Certification Exam

As we all know that when it comes to the most recognized companies in the IT Sector all over the world, Microsoft comes in the first position. This is because Microsoft produces products and services for the companies all over the world. The reason that Microsoft is so famous makes it a credible source for the candidates to get certified. Microsoft runs a certification program in which it rewards the certifications to the people who want an authentic proof for their knowledge and skills in the different department of the IT Sector. If you are an IT professional, the Microsoft certifications are the best for your career. For the people who are associated with the Server and want to have a certification for their skills in setting up and configuring the Windows Server, Microsoft Identity with Windows Server 2016 certification is a must for them.

If you are planning to get MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification, then you need to pass Microsoft 70-740 exam and there are two more exams you need to pass which are 70-740 and 70-741 exams. Don’t know how to start? Do not worry because this happens to everyone. Read this article and you will find all the possible information about Microsoft 70-740 exam and how you can prepare for it to score good marks in your test.

Explain Microsoft 70-740 Exam

Microsoft 70-740 exam is a test that is given to the people who want to become Windows Server 2016 specialists and want to get certified for their skills. Having corresponding MCSA certification, the candidates will be able to have a better career in the field and will also be able to apply for jobs at all places in the world. Microsoft Windows Server 2016 – 70-740 is a proper test of the ability of the candidate in the practical as well as theoretical aspects of the process.

Know All the Details

Here are some important details that you should know about Microsoft 70-740 exam:

  • Exam Pattern

The candidates are given about 50-60 questions that they have to answer in two hours. The questions are all multiple choice questions that have one or more correct answers. The candidates are judged on their ability to correlate the practical as well as theoretical aspects of the course material. The candidates will give the exam in centers that are approved by Microsoft.

  • Eligibility

The candidates who apply for this exam needs to be 18 years or older. Apart from this, there are no other requirements for this exam. The candidates with a better understanding of the topics and a practical experience of one year or at least 6 months are better suited for this exam.

  • Fee

The registration fee for scheduling this test is $165 USD. The fee can differ from country to country and you can easily get the fee for your country from the website. The candidates will have to pay the fee again if they want to appear again for the exam.

  • Languages Available

The candidates can give the exam in seven languages. The languages include Chinese Traditional and Simplified, Japanese, English, French, Portuguese and German. The candidates will be given the option to choose the language while registration.

  • Who Should Pass

The candidates who are already IT Professionals and have an experience of working with Windows Server 2016 should apply for this exam. Additionally, the candidates who have completed at least 6 months of internship or have six months or more working experience are best suited for this exam.

  • Syllabus

The syllabus for Microsoft 70-740 exam is divided into five major categories and some smaller categories. The syllabus includes:

  • Manage and maintain AD DS
  • Configure and Install active directory domain and services
  • Implement active directory certificate services
  • Create and manage group policy
  • Access solutions and implement identity federation.

You can download this from the Microsoft website.

What Is Study Material Type?

There is a huge variety of study material available for Microsoft 70-740 exam. You can get the authentic Microsoft books from the website as well as other authentic sources. You can also get some online e-books with the entire syllabus. You can join PrepAway online classes and get the study material from them. Additionally, you can also get instructor-led training that will guide you throughout the preparation process. No matter what path of preparation you choose, it is important that you solve the practice papers regularly. Buy or download the practice papers online and make it a habit of solving them. This will help you in enhancing your preparation.

Microsoft MCSA 70-740 Practice Test from PrepAway
For dumps and more material for study you can even take a look to PrepAway and find the best available stuff for exam 70-740.

How Can It Help in Your Career?

There are many ways in which Microsoft identity with MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification can help you with your IT career. After getting certified, you will become a Microsoft Certified Professional. This means that you will be able to apply for all the jobs and grab all the opportunities where Microsoft Windows Server 2016 technology is required. Most of the big companies require you to show your certification before they even ask you for further interviews. Hence, this MCSAcertification will set you apart from the crowd. Additionally, if you are a business owner, the study that you will do for this exam will help you in serving your customers better and target a bigger customer base. This will surely be a big change and an advantage in your career.


We have discussed all the advantages and the important things that every candidate needs to note before giving this exam; you must feel confident about starting your preparation. With all of this information, you should also keep in mind this precautionary measure. You should not fall for the scam websites or the websites that tell you that they will give you 100% success in the exam. These websites in most cases are fraud and might even provide you with the wrong information about the exam. Additionally, make sure that you only buy the study material from authentic sources.


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