Top Tips on How to Stop Losing my Hair

Top Tips on How to Stop Losing my Hair

We’re all losing about 100 strands of hair a day from the 100,000 to 150,000 hairs we have. It is of little concern for guys because they know that this is quite normal and that the hairs will grow back again.
It can be tremendously stressful when in your mind, it is no longer 100 hairs falling out but 1000, and this time around, they’re not growing back. You feel as though you’ve now only got about 1000 hairs left. Products like Finasteride may just be what you need for the new year – something to make you feel pro-active.
For most men, it won’t come as any comfort to hear that they look jolly attractive with a bald head. Most men fear hair loss – I likened it to losing my strength and maleness. I discovered that a huge part of male-pattern hair loss can be laid at the feet of –
• Genetics and male hormones
• Some diseases such as with the thyroid
• Some medications as well as chemotherapy
• Stress
• Scalp infection
True, hairstyles are powerful trend drivers for men and women so we’ll look at some tips that I discovered that definitely saved the bit of hair I had left.
● Only wash your hair with a mild shampoo
Try a stimulating shampoo with mild, natural ingredients such as lavender and rosemary to increase circulation around the follicle. The gentle cleansing action you use together with this mild shampoo will encourage your hair to look stronger and fuller.
● Watch what You’re Eating
Nutritious food can help a lot with giving you fuller hair. Look for foods packed with vitamins that promote hair growth. Vitamin E and Omega 3, for instance, are found in seeds and nuts, feeding your hair the oils it needs to grow healthy. Maybe consider supplementing if you aren’t eating properly. Vitamin deficiency is one of the main reasons for hair loss in men. To help prevent balding, get enough vitamins in from the food you eat. If this isn’t possible try and get a good multi-vitamin supplement. Vitamin A, for instance, regulates the synthesis of retinoic acid in the hair follicles.
● Tackle Stress 
This is easier said than done because the world we live in is full of things causing us stress. Stress increases the rise of Cortisol which is bad as is causes a disturbance with other hormone levels. This can certainly speed up the balding process. Managing stress can certainly slow down hair loss. To relieve stress, get moving. I took up walking with my dog and both of us love it. I’ve also discovered that guys with a high level of cardiorespiratory fitness release less cortisol than unfit guys.
● Constantly wearing a Cap?
Some guys wear a cap so often. I’ve got a friend like that – his cap almost became an extension of his head. No sunlight or air could get to his scalp. There are some cases of hair loss that have been linked to low levels of vitamin D. Dermatological studies tell us that people with alopecia areata, for instance, are in all likelihood vitamin D deficient. Try a little bit of sunlight onto your head, especially if you’re always wearing a cap.
● Avoid Smoking
This is also something difficult to do if you’ve been smoking for a long time. Smoking cigarettes actually reduce the amount of blood that flows to the scalp and the scalp needs to be fed blood to encourage hair growth. Avoid artificial heat for drying the hair as your hair is already in a weakened state. Allow your hair to dry naturally. Also, harsh chemicals and hair colour products can damage your hair.
● Be Vigilant
If you detect hair loss, take action immediately. You want to block the hormone DHT as it causes hair loss. An effective hair loss treatment is Finasteride, a drug which can help you regrow lost hair. These days you can have the luxury of buying online in the comfort of your home from reputable and fully registered Pharmacy’s such as Oxford Online Pharmacy, simply complete an online consultation with their doctors so that they can help you discover what it is that is causing your hair loss.
Yes, it can be distressing to be balding, even embarrassing, but there are positive steps you can take, and who knows, in a few months you may well be ushering in some brand new hair and an easy transition into a more confident life.


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