Top Reasons Why Soft Drinks Are Incredibly Dangerous For Your Health

Top Reasons Why Soft Drinks Are Incredibly Dangerous For Your Health

We all love soft drinks. During a hot summer day a cold soft drink can appear the ideal choice. However, that is not a good idea. While some people avoided soft drinks so that they won’t spoil their diet, it appears that these drinks have other negative effects as well, and they affect our health. Here are a couple of reasons why you should avoid them.

Increased risk of depression

Consuming soft drinks has been linked with depression. For example, those who drink diet soda are at a 20% more chance of falling into depression, while those who consume regular sodas have a 30% increased risk. It is recommended to avoid soft drinks especially if you already have a family of mental illness.


It appears that soft drinks can have serious effects on out well-being. A recent study revealed that women who drink two or more units of diet soda in a week have an increased risk of heart strokes, compared to those who do not drink soft drinks. This study focussed on postmenopausal women and it discovered that only around 5% of the subjects drank diet soda at least once a week, while the others consumed soda rarely or almost never.

Acne and dry skin

Your skin can also be affected by diet soda. That is because this drink can dehydrate your body, which is something that will also show up on your face. Dehydration can be a cause of acne and breakouts as well as dry skin. If you want smooth skin it is recommended that you avoid soda and drink plenty of water instead.


Soft drinks use artificial sweeteners which can lead to painful headaches. There have been some studies that found a connection between headaches and soft drinks.


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