Top 3 Ways To Help Reduce Your Anxiety

Top 3 Ways To Help Reduce Your Anxiety

Everyone can experience anxiety at some point in life. However, it becomes a problem if it gets too overwhelming, to a point that it makes it hard for you to function and perform day-to-day tasks. Excessive anxiety causes too much self-doubt, panic, and fear. Without proper intervention, it can negatively affect your daily routine.

That’s why it’s important to seek help and make efforts to reduce your anxiety. There are several ways to do this, and this article lists down the top three methods below:

  1. Seek Medical Treatment

If you’re experiencing anxiety, it’s best to consult a psychiatrist immediately. That way, you can prevent it from worsening, especially if your anxiety interferes with your daily life. With a consultation, your doctor may advise you to undergo any of the following:

  • Medication: You may need to take anti-anxiety medication depending on your need. These medicines may help enhance your mood or alleviate anxiety symptoms. Aside from pharmaceutical medicines, this blog post encourages using Cannabidiol (CBD) to reduce anxiety symptoms.
  • Therapy: There are several kinds of therapy. You can choose counseling where a counselor will develop strategies that can help you manage stressful situations. But you can also opt for psychotherapy, which aims to improve your stress management skills and regulate your emotions. You can also undergo cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you change negative thoughts into constructive and positive ones. These types of therapies will lead to reduced anxiety in the long run.
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  1. Practice Diaphragmatic Breathing

Aside from consulting professionals, you also need to help yourself. One way is to practice deep breathing or diaphragmatic breathing. This refers to the act of breathing from your diaphragm and not from your chest.

Find a quiet place to practice and recline in a chair. Place your hands on the arms of the chair or your lap. Then, inhale from your abdomen, and you should feel your stomach rise while your chest should be still. Take a pause and slowly exhale, counting to three. Repeat this exercise for at least five to ten times. 

This simple routine helps you avoid the “fight-or-flight” response to your stressors. Because anxiety attack occurs when your heart beats faster and your breathing increases, deep breathing will help you regulate such. As a result, you can prevent anxiety or panic attacks. Even if there are no stressors, you should regularly practice deep breathing. That way, you can use it to relax and stay calm.

  1. Do Yoga

Doing yoga helps your overall health, even reducing anxiety. But you should first consult your doctor because some types of yoga may be strenuous. In general, yoga involves joining your mind, body, and spirit to restore personal balance. It involves relaxation, movements, meditation, and breathwork. 

With yoga practice, you can help ease the physical discomfort you feel from anxiety. It works to balance, lengthen, and stretch the muscles, releasing muscle stiffness and tension throughout your body. 

Since yoga also includes meditation, it can help ease your anxious thoughts by focusing on breathing. With regular yoga, you can help lower your fear and worry because yoga allows your body and mind to be at ease.


Simple worries and fears can become complicated, which can make someone miserable and anxious if left untreated. That’s why it’s best to undergo therapies or take medicine as per the doctor’s prescription. It’ll also help if you learn deep breathing and yoga to calm yourself when you feel some stress building up. When you give time and effort to help yourself fight anxiety, you can control your worries, fears, and overall reduce anxiety levels

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