Top 15 Clean Songs For Your Kid: What to Listen to?

Top 15 Clean Songs For Your Kid: What to Listen to?

Do you need some happy, optimistic children’s songs to cheer up your little ones? Well, we’ve gathered around some of the best clean and joyful tunes available, making them ideal for your child to listen to during a dance party, on a long car drive, or on the way to school. Have a look at all of them down below, and then pick your favorite. Don’t forget to share your opinion on which songs you think are the most enjoyable for children to listen to nowadays.

Listen to these top 15 songs that are so cool for children.

You’re in luck if you’re looking for some lively tunes that youngsters can sing along to. There are countless playlists of joyful tunes that are available online and are certain to lift anyone’s spirits. Let’s have a look at the songs that made it onto the list, ranging from the well-known ones to the more classic ones:

1) Kids in America by Kim Wilde; this song has been covered by a number of artists, but the version performed by Kim Wilde is considered to be unique.
2) Stronger by Kelly Clarkson; this positive and lively song is not only a lot of fun to move around to, but it also has a wonderful and uplifting message.
3) Pharrell’s Happy: this one has already become a classic, and it is so much fun to listen to over and over again!
4) Try Everything is a song by Shakira, and it is featured in the movie Zootopia. This upbeat and positive song not only has a tempo that will get you moving, but the lyrics also offer a beautiful message.
5. Earth, Wind & Fire’s September: this one’s a timeless classic that’s been around for decades!
6) Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen is an incredible song from 2009 that you just won’t be able to forget.
7) Feel It Still by Portugal the Man: a rock and roll song for youngsters that just had to be included here.
8) Hanson’s MMMBop was, without a doubt, the finest song from any of our childhoods.
9) Katrina and the Waves’s Walking on Sunshine is often known as the happiest and most uplifting song ever written.
10) Harry Belafonte’s rendition of Jump in the Line (Shake, Seora): are there any Beetlejuice fans in the house?!
11) Wouldn’t It Be Nice is a song by the Beach Boys, and it’s hard to imagine a band with a more joyful sound than the Beach Boys.
12) Hey Soul Sister by Train; there’s a bit less frantic dancing and a lot more cheerful-go-lucky in this one.
13) Miley Cyrus’s Party in the USA: a catchy and upbeat huge pop hit!
14) Katy Perry’s Roar: may you have a good time in the jungle!
15) Don’t Stop Believing by Journey is another timeless masterpiece that must remain in your heart forever.

Now that we’ve got everything out of the way, what do you think? Are you ready for a party with your kids?! Leave a comment below and share your experience as well as your playlist!


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