Top 10 Amazing Science Facts for 2018

Top 10 Amazing Science Facts for 2018

Each year we learn more and more things about our planet and the things surrounding us. It is only March, but this year has already been a fascinating one. Today we will share with you some of the most incredible facts.

  1. Bitcoin is definitely the most popular and powerful cryptocurrency, but it appears that it might have some legal problems. Child pornography was discovered in the blockchain code, and the legal position of Bitcoin is uncertain at the moment.
  2. The Earth’s magnetic poles might start to flip. This was noticed after an anomaly was discovered underneath Africa. The effect of this is a strong one that affects the magnetic field of Earth. Unfortunately, if the poles flip, there will be some serious side effects that we are not prepared for.
  3. Scientists are now able to generate negative mass in their laboratories, thanks to a device they have built.
  4. A mysterious small pebble was discovered in Egypt. After it was analysed, scientists discovered that this pebble does not come from our Solar System.
  5. It appears that DNA in crucial stem cells can be directly damaged by alcohol.
  6. It appears that the myth which said that rats spread the black plague in the 14th century is a false one. Researchers have reached the conclusion that lice and fleas were responsible for that.
  7. Scientists also discovered that Australian prey birds start forest fires on purpose. They do that by carrying burning sticks, which is something that the Indigenous population has talked about in the past.
  8. The physical source for anxiety was located and scientists have learned how they can control it with light.
  9. A single yeast cell has 42 million protein molecules.
  10. It appears that naked mole rats do not age. This means that their chances of dying to not get bigger as they get older.


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