To Use, or Not to Use XARELTO: That Is the Question

To Use, or Not to Use XARELTO: That Is the Question

Not too long ago, Johnson & Johnson and Bayer settled 25,000 lawsuits over the companies’ medication XARELTO®. These lawsuits came from the lawyers of patients who had used the medication previously. They argued that patients were not informed of how XARELTO® could potentially trigger side effects like bleeding episodes that didn’t always respond to treatment.
While, luckily, there is now an antidote to such bleeding episodes, it’s understandable if you still worry about using XARELTO®. Whether your doctor may have recommended it to you as a form of prevention against deep vein thrombosis or strokes, you might have concerns about this medication’s safety and effectiveness.

The best way to ease that worry is to learn a bit more about XARELTO® itself.

If your doctor recommends it, XARELTO® is likely safe for your use.

As a licensed professional who knows your medical history, your doctor likely has a very good idea of what medication would work best for you. There is always a risk for negative side effects, but when they prescribe medication, doctors typically weigh the benefits and risks. Your doctor should have also determined how much better or worse the odds are with alternative medications. So if they are recommending XARELTO®, it’s likely your body will respond well to it.

Just be careful when you take this prescription.
Even when you’re given a recommendation by a professional, take care not to accept it blindly. Take precautionary measures so that your choice of prescription medication really does work best for you.

Speak with your doctor about potential side effects.

Tell your doctor about your concerns over XARELTO® to see what they have to say. Chances are, they may know more about how bleeding episodes from XARELTO® occur and what you can do to lower your chances of experiencing these episodes.

If you’re worried that your doctor is not aware of your entire history, tell them anything you feel you might not have mentioned, such as your medical history, a list of prescriptions you’ve had, and any allergies you deal with.

Avoid unnecessary expenses.

In America, prescription medications are exorbitantly expensive, so just by virtue of that alone, you may find taking XARELTO® to be less than preferable. You might want to prevent conditions like deep vein thrombosis, but maybe not at the cost of your wallet.

But you can lessen that cost immensely if you go to an international or Canada drug center like Canadian Med Center. There, you can buy XARELTO® at a much more affordable price, as you’ll be getting medications from licensed pharmacies outside of the United States where prescription prices are more strictly regulated.

Don’t forget to check in with your doctor regularly.

After you’ve determined that XARELTO® is the medication for you, don’t forget to check in with your doctor about it on a regular basis. These check-ups will reassure you and give your doctor a better idea of how well the medication is working for you.


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