Tips on Searching for the Best Vegan Food

Tips on Searching for the Best Vegan Food

The vegan lifestyle has become increasingly popular among people and despite this, most restaurants are limited to salads or simple foods that lack diversity overall. Tim Moore is commonly known as VeganFatKid on Instagram and he basically is a vegan food star who samples new vegan food.

Another important person from the vegan food scene is a restaurateur, Ravi DeRossi, an influent man who owns a few of NYC’s most popular high-end vegan restaurants out there. Avant Garden, Ladybird and Mother of Pearl are just a few names on his list. These two provided a number of tips for finding the best vegan food.

The Happy Cow Application

Most of people do not know, but the Happy Cow App is the equivalent of vegan food for Yelp and was founded back in 1999. People who use this app rate vegan restaurant and can select multiple filters depending on what they are looking for. This application is extremely useful when traveling and provides information about the best vegan restaurants out there.

Local Vegans

Sometimes people tend to rely more on technology rather than using one simple alternative: asking other people who are also vegans. This can be a wise choice, since they know best their favorite eating places.

Ethnic Cuisine

Some people narrow their options by choosing the same restaurant or the same vegan meal, but what they fail to notice is that some non-vegan restaurants may serve vegan food under the name of ethnic cuisine. East and South Asian cuisines usually offer a lot of vegan options, since their culinary culture is mostly based on plants. Other alternatives would be Ethiopian, Caribbean or Ital food, which are also mostly vegan.

No Processed Substitutes

Always appreciate a restaurant that makes their own ingredients, rather than those who use the processed ones. The store-bought products tend to be less fresh and do not taste very good compared to house-made ones.


Moore states that a good vegan restaurant will always take risks and won’t apologize for it. He adds that the main goal should be making memorable dishes and that they should fill the stomach as well as the mind.


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