Time to upgrade with Dianabol!

Time to upgrade with Dianabol!

What is Dianabol?

Dianabol is a modified derivative of testosterone. Its chemical name is methandrostenolone, and this product is available in both its oral and injectable forms, although most people use the oral form. It is also a rare example of an anabolic steroid that was designed and released – in 1958, by Ciba Pharmaceuticals – for the sole purpose of improving performance in sports. His story will prove that Dianabol has been a favorite in professional bodybuilding, turning several people into Mr. Olyimpia.

What benefits can you expect from using Dianabol?

Dianabol is clearly one of the best and oldest EAAs due to its positive effects and also due to the fact that any user can experiment with them without major side effects.

In general, we can say that it is used by athletes looking to gain lean muscle and improve general strength in their workouts, mainly thanks to its androgenic attributes.

The most notable positive effects of Dianabol include:

  •         Remarkable potential lean mass gain, thanks to the incredible increase in nitrogen retention that allows
  •         Acceleration of recovery
  •         Potential enhancement of other anabolic steroids used
  •         Great improvement in the use of glycogen, which keeps fats at bay
  •         Improves general levels of physical strength
  •         Improved assimilation of nutrients

But what makes this steroid a true ‘monster’ is its ability to work quickly and dramatically: it is not uncommon to see users gain 10 kg in a few weeks. If you want to achieve that, then get Dianabol for sale today.

Dianabol dosage and cycles

There are some well-known guidelines regarding dosing and cycling; as is normally the case when taking anabolic steroids, dosages are based on the user’s individual tolerance level. Those who have never used it before should take the lower value of the range to maximize their safety and assess their tolerance to this product.

Therefore, beginners will get excellent results by taking 20-30mg daily for 6 weeks. Intermediate users will need to take in about 30-50 mg daily for an 8 week period.

Finally, more advanced users will take between 50 – 80 mg daily for the same period of time. There are several examples of users who have taken up to 100 mg daily, but at this level, it is more than likely that side effects start to appear.

We must also remember that Dianabol has a half-life of 3 -5 hours, which makes it necessary to divide the daily dose according to the level of experience, in order to always maintain high levels of Dianabol in the body.

Dianabol and Women

Most of the women who are professionally engaged in bodybuilding and physical conditioning take anabolic drugs because the hormonal and physiological characteristics of the female body do not allow them to achieve a natural form of relief and preservation of muscle mass. Some of the effects that Dianabol has on women can be:


  •         Hypertrophy of muscles
  •         Burn calories
  •         Increased strength and endurance
  •         Increased self-confidence and self-esteem (androgenic drugs have a pronounced psychotropic effect)
  •         Increased libido and sexual activity, increased sensitivity of the clitoris

Final Considerations

As for side effects, Dianabol is known to affect blood pressure in a negative way, and it is for this reason that those with high blood pressure should not touch this steroid. Those who take doses that are too high increase their risk, as do those who live a lifestyle that is not favorable to blood pressure; The same can be said for cholesterol, although not to the same level of consideration.

Dianabol is most commonly used as a starter for a new off-season phase. Through such use, at the beginning of a new cycle, progress is made rapidly from the beginning, while the slower-acting injectable steroids build up in your system. Another excellent time for Dianabol is mid-cycle use to break a blockage point; a practice often referred to as a plateau blowout.

Aside from these periods of use, Dianabol can be used anytime athletic enhancement is desired, and as long as your training and diet are adequate, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Dianabol can be found in oral or injectable liquid form, but almost all Dianabol comes in oral tablet form, with the other two options being somewhat rare today. 

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