Thousands Of Flat-Earthers Will Gather This Summer In Edmonton, Canada

Thousands Of Flat-Earthers Will Gather This Summer In Edmonton, Canada

During this year’s summer, Edmonton, Canada, will hold the biggest Flat-Earth conference of the year. Therefore, thousands of Flat-Earthers will gather this summer in Edmonton, Canada, according to Robbie Davidson, the leader of the conference.

Why do Flat-Earthers believe the Earth is flat?

The Earth’s theories believe that the world which we all live in is, actually, in the form of a hockey puck with a dome above it that includes our atmosphere, the sun, the moon, the stars, and so on.

The horizon argument in favor of the flat Earth theory is that it is straight if you look at it from an airplane window that flies at a height of 10,000 meters.

Another argument stipulates that the North Star, Polaris, is in the same position no matter what position Terra is in during its movement around the Sun, so, Flat-Earthers consider that Terra is not spinning.

Again, Flat-Earthers question the photographs of the Earth that had been captured from the space, such as the few captured by Apollo missions. They say that it is impossible to observe Earth’s continents for outer space due to the Earth’s atmosphere, adding that, from the ground, you can’t clearly see so over a very long distance.

However, these are just a few of the dozens of theories that are supposedly proving the Earth is flat.

Thousands of Flat-Earthers will gather this summer in Edmonton, Canada

“I think a lot of us that came to this at first ridiculed and laughed at it. I think right now, there are a lot out there that believe this, that really hasn’t come out of the closet,” admitted Robbie Davidson, the Edmonton Flat Earth event’s leader.

The Facebook page of the forthcoming Flat Earth conference says that more than 2,000 Flat-Earthers will be present to the event which will be held in Edmonton, Canada, at the West Edmonton Mall between August 9th and 10th.



One thought on “Thousands Of Flat-Earthers Will Gather This Summer In Edmonton, Canada

  1. I believe this thing began as satire, but has been appropriated by those who have come to believe that their personal opinions are more valid and important that the knowledge that humanity has generated, at great cost, over hundreds of years. It is a sad comment on the future of human knowledge that these highly opinionated and under educated individuals have had the impact that they have. One is tempted to draw a parallel to a nascent ‘dark age’, where collective knowledge is disparaged and forgotten in favour of what is perceived as reality by the individual. Simply because you do not understand how something works, does not mean that it functions by what can only be described as magic. Does your cellphone work because of intricate electronic components, or are they controlled by tiny hamsters? In a world where we have such a diverse and complex array of scientific disciplines, we will have to accept that there will be some things that we cannot directly prove to ourselves through personal observation. To accept anything less is to believe that magic has given us the various technological advancements that we all take advantage of today, and dooms us to a future of stupidity.


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