This Solution To Back Pain Will Surprise You

This Solution To Back Pain Will Surprise You

Say goodbye to the pain you’re feeling in the back, down the spine, because this undersuit is designed specifically for this kind of difficult situations.

Inspiration and The Creator

It appears that researchers who designed the new back-pain-free-undersuit were inspired by the uniform superheroes wear in the movies, games or comic books. Not only does the undersuit look like the one Batman or Superman wear, but they are also “intelligent” pants. Intelligent as in, when you wear the undersuit you’ll be also wearing technology.

Karl Zelik, who teaches mechanical engineering and also the main researcher of the “Superman Clothing Experiment”, stated that more than half of us experience back pain and this is why we use hundredths of products and devices that are meant to relieve the pain but none of them seems to have outstanding results. Having watched his son while playing and reading comic books with superheroes, he thought that it is not fair for us to be deprived of such a thing.


The device was tested by many people while carrying and lifting weights. They didn’t feel the pain as they were used to before. The trick is the fact that the back muscles’ effort is considerably reduced if the undersuit is on. So far so good, because the results show that, while wearing the tech-undersuit, there is none or less back pain than before. So, the researchers achieved their goal!

Composition and Control

The undersuit contains a lot of materials, among them: lycra, nylon, some rubber parts and polyester. The best part is the fact that the suit is very easy to control, you just have to tap on the chest, it can also be activated by pressing a simple button on the app. If you want to turn it off, a simple double tap on the suit or on the app is enough.


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