This is the longest Volcanic Eruption in Half a Century: Mount Fagradalsfjall in Iceland

This is the longest Volcanic Eruption in Half a Century: Mount Fagradalsfjall in Iceland

On March 19, volcanologists reported the first lava spewing out of a fissure close to Mount Fagradalsfjall on the Reykjanes peninsula just southwest of Reykjavik. Now, there are six months since that event, becoming the longest volcanic eruption Iceland has ever seen in the last five decades.

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Mesmerizing Volcanic Eruption: New Record

The volcanic eruption event has put quite on a show: from a slow trickle of lava to more dramatic geyser-like spurts of rocks and stones. It doesn’t cease to amaze, and now it’s a fantastic tourist attraction, drawing about 300,000 visitors so far!


DID YOU KNOW: this is Iceland’s 6th volcanic eruption in the last two decades is longer than the preceding one in Holuhraun (August 2014 – February 2015).


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Volcano Key Data

According to recent data, the lava field, known as “Fagradalshraun” (tr. beautiful valley of lava) is quite mesmerizing. Approximately 143 million cubic meters of laval have been launched so far. But, that’s not a lot, as per volcanologists’ previous findings.

It actually represents only a tenth of the volume of the Holuhraun eruption, which released the biggest lava flow in Iceland in 230 years.

“The usual behaviour that we know from volcanoes in Iceland is that they start really active and pour out lava, and then the outflow sort of decreases over time until it stops,” explained Halldor Geirsson, a geophysicist at the Institute of Earth Science.

FACT: Iceland’s longest-ever volcanic eruption lasted nearly 4 years, from November 1963 until June 1967.


When the Volcanic Eruption Will Stop?

After receding for 9 days, the lava reappeared at Fagradalshraun in early September. From time to time, it spews out lava from the crater and a thick plume of smoke. In the first month, up to 10 fissures appeared, creating seven small craters, and now two of them are still visible.

Currently, the volcano seems unstoppable! It doesn’t show any sign of stopping anytime soon.


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