This Indiana Man Beats Death For The Third Time After Surviving Internal Decapitation

This Indiana Man Beats Death For The Third Time After Surviving Internal Decapitation

Brock Meister, a 22-year-old man from Plymouth, Indiana, is a fighter in life. From the CPR he needed at his birth and beating a brain tumor while he was 16, to the most recent life-threatening event in the young man’s life, Meister “reminds us every day not to sweat the small stuff,” as his mother said. In January this year, Brock Meister survived internal decapitation after a car accident.

On January 12th, this Indiana man had a car accident after having dinner with some friends and heading to his grandparents’ house. While his friend was driving the car, they bumped into black ice, and the vehicle rolled over landing on the passenger side. Meister got his head busted through the window.

His friends managed to pull him back and called for paramedics. When they came there, the paramedics diagnosed Meister with internal decapitation and brought him to Memorial Hospital in South Bend.

Brock Meister beat death for the third time surviving the internal decapitation caused by the accident

“Blood was just running down my face. My neck hurt but I didn’t realize how bad it was hurt that night,” said Brock Meister, remembering the awful night of his life.

“The thing that saved him was not having anything happen from the time of the injury all the way to here,” explained Dr. Kashif Shaikh, one of the surgeons that helped Brock.

Brock Meister suffered an internal decapitation due to the car crash, which is the complete separation of the head from the spinal cord.

With screws and rods, two surgeons from the Memorial Hospital in South Bend realigned the man’s joints and bones. Once home, Brock had to wear a head brace for three months, during which he attended physical therapy.

Brock Meister always been a fighter and beat death for three times before he turns 23.


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