This Drugmaker Claims to Invent COVID-19 Vaccine Faster Than Anyone Expected

This Drugmaker Claims to Invent COVID-19 Vaccine Faster Than Anyone Expected

A whole world was waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine ever since the pandemic started to spread in Europe months ago. The SARS-CoV-2 virus managed to inflict a lot of sorrow until now, as it killed over 800,000 people across the globe and infected almost 24 million. The most affected countries remain the USA with almost 6 million cases of infection, Brazil with 3.6 million, India with almost 3.2 million, and so on.

About 172 countries are currently engaged in finding a vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and the drugmaker AstraZeneca has high hopes for its potential vaccine for the deadly virus. The company even says that it can make 3 billion doses as soon as the vaccine is ready. That means over a third of the world population.

If the vaccine arrives tomorrow, entire years will still be needed

If AstraZeneca finishes the vaccine tomorrow, don’t expect to get the chance of buying it from a drugstore of an obscure town. Dr. Clive Glover, who is Pall Corporation’s director of strategy, declares:

“That process would generally be measured in years, and five years is not unusual,”

He further adds:

“We were able to design the process, get our equipment into one of our manufacturing partners and run the initial process within eight weeks.”

Whether the vaccine for COVID-19 will soon be ready or not, what’s for sure is that time is a luxury specific parts of the globe cannot afford right now. Brazil, for instance, is the second hardest-hit country by the pandemic, as it counts over 3.6 million infections and more than 115,000 deaths. Second COVID-19 waves are recently hitting Spain, Italy, France, the UK, and more. There’s no telling how the medical staff will cope again with huge numbers of hospitalized people, but they will surely do their best.


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