These Foods and Habits Increase Your Visceral Fat A Lot: What Dietitians Recommend

These Foods and Habits Increase Your Visceral Fat A Lot: What Dietitians Recommend

Did you know that some popular foods contribute a lot to the bad kind of belly fat? Of course, there are also some habits that come along, and we shouldn’t ignore them.

Belly fat shouldn’t be an issue at all, but having too much visceral far, can cause some health issues.

Find out which are the most popular foods and habits that can put you at higher risk.

Trans Fats

This type of fat comes from manufacturing processed foods and is the least healthy form of fat. Technically, it’s banned.

However, that applies only to adding human-made artificial trans fats, dubbed PHO (partially hydrogenated oils), to packaged foods.

According to scientists, there are also naturally occurring trans fats in animal products. But, we don’t know yet whether or not animal-derived trans fats are as dangerous to us as lab-made ones.

Some of the most popular foods high in trans fats include:

  • fries;
  • some vegetable oils.
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Refined Grains

Processed or refined carbs are most commonly found in your favorite baked goods, such as:

  • white bread;
  • cookies;
  • cakes;
  • muffins;
  • donuts.

Grains become refined when they lose the bran and germ via a process known as milling. This process also strips most of the fiber and nutrients. So, what we get is some processed carbs, like white rice or white flour.

Those products have a longer shelf life, that’s why they’re so popular. While unprocessed carbs, such as brown rice and whole-grain bread, are perfect for a healthy diet, refined carbs can contribute a lot to your belly fat.


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Joining in the happy hour several times a week could increase the visceral fat build-up. And that could happen even if you follow a healthy diet!

“While small amounts may actually provide some positive health attributes, a higher intake of alcohol can cause inflammation, negatively impact the liver, and is linked to excess abdominal fat,” explains Melissa Rifkin, MS, RD, CDN.

Only moderation can help you build a healthy routine and better habits!


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