There’s a New Shark Species in the Atlantic Ocean

There’s a New Shark Species in the Atlantic Ocean

Who discovered it and how

Looks like scientists at the Florida Institute of Technology have discovered and confirmed the existence of a new shark species.  In order to confirm their discovery, they used genetic testing which showed that this type of shark was different and entirely new. They named the species “Atlantic sixgill shark.” It’s unlike the sharks that Like In the Pacific or Indian Oceans.

At first glance, the Atlantic sixgill shark is quite similar to other species of sharks but what defines him and sets him apart it his genetic structure. Toby Daly – Engel, Assistant Professor and shark biologist at the Florida Institute of Technology stated that this type of shark is different on a molecular level than any previously known species.

How does it look like?

Atlantic sixgill sharks, who can grow up to 6 feet, are way smaller that their Indo-Pacific relatives who can reach lengths of around 15 feet. They have unique lower saw-like teeth and six-gill slits, like their name suggests. This is unique as most sharks only have five gills.

What is the next step?

Engel noted that with their new classification these sharks now have a better chance at long-term survival. They understand that this species, if overfished, will not be able to replenish their numbers from anywhere in the world. These sharks are among the oldest ones in the world, their relatives dating back 250 million years ago, well before dinosaurs ever existed.

It’s very difficult to study this species because they live at great depths in the ocean, sometimes at thousands of feet below the ocean’s surface. This kind of length is very difficult to reach by marine biologists due to the water pressure at those levels. But, if one thing is sure, it’s that these scientists will not stop at any length for their scientific research. We can expect to hear more about this species in the future.

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