The U. S. Space Force Got Its First Offensive Weapon; It’s Been Used Since 2004

The U. S. Space Force Got Its First Offensive Weapon; It’s Been Used Since 2004

The new U.S. Space Force has been operating in space for many years and has recently received its first official offensive weapon. The satellite jammer, known as the Counter Communications System Block 10.2, is a ground-based system that will prevent enemies from communicating with their space-based resources and accessing streaming services like Netflix. A ceremony was held to hand over control of the system from the Space and Missile Systems Center to the 4th Space Control Squadron. The U.S. Air Force originally deployed the system in 2004 in response to similar systems fielded by other countries, with the most recent update being in 2014.

According to Lt. Col. Steve Brogan, materiel leader of the SMC Special Programs directorate, achieving IOC for this upgrade marks the start of CCS personnel and equipment support to USSPACECOM warfighting requirements for worldwide operations. This is a critical milestone for the domain of space as a warfighting domain and puts the ‘force’ in Space Force. Therefore, it is official that the Space Force now possesses a space gun, albeit an updated version of the same weapon used for this function for over 16 years.

Other important news in the US

In other important recent news from the US, pedophile rings all over the world are getting destroyed as we speak. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Australian police have reportedly shut down an international pedophile ring two years after a member of the network murdered two FBI agents during a shootout in Florida.

It has been revealed the fact that officials announced on Tuesday that 79 men in the US were arrested and 43 have been convicted in connection with the global dark web group that shared sick abuse videos.

Daily Mail revealed the fact that the police in Australia “have also charged a further 19 men there with 138 offenses and 13 children have been ‘removed from harm’, including some who were ‘directly abused’.”

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