The Promising Health and Wellness Trends for 2019

The Promising Health and Wellness Trends for 2019

It’s undeniable that 2018 was a wild year for the sector of health and wellness. The sector has actually been booming to the level of consistently getting into categories that are more mainstream. This is to a point where the traditional retailers had to speed up their game into offering products supporting contemporary lifestyles in order to boost their slowing sales. You can take Sephora, for instance, now offering luxe dental floss, collagen enhancing cosmetic supplements as well as natural deodorants.

The Fight-Backs

With all the glamor and booming business in the health and wellness sector, watchdog groups and vigilant consumers have also given the new trends a run for their money by fighting back against exaggerated claims and the fakes. Some companies have had to refund customers for selling products and engaging in adverts without credible scientific evidence. Goop, for instance, was a victim of a lawsuit involving 10 California counties and they had to refund any customers who had already purchased their over-advertised jade vaginal eggs.

Apart from the controversies, 2018 saw the health and wellness sector introducing an amazing range of innovations, which are disseminating the gospel about affordable health solutions and self-care to the wider global audience. This is a good thing as it promises good tidings for the

US based healthcare facilities as they will be able to offer more client-oriented health solutions. In the years to come, the health and wellness industry is going to have more than yoga and green juices for the wider audience now keen on new innovations.

Tackling the Awkward Issues

For those that live with incontinence; they understandably don’t like encouraging conversations regarding peeing in the pants. According to the latest statistics, bladder issues affect between 30% and 40% of older women, while 15% of their male counterparts are affected by the same condition. That translates to approximately 25 million adults in the United States alone and about 400 million people worldwide.

What’s worse is that those with incontinence have not been predisposed to an array of choices beyond the bulky, unappealing adult diapers. The year 2019 seems to be promising for those living with bladder conditions. This is thanks to Willow; an underwear brand company that delivers directly to their consumers. They are now offering a more subtle and fashion-forward intervention, delivered right to the customer’s door.

Re-fashioning the Once Whispered Health Problems

Willow seems to have joined a host of other startups that aim to refashion the health issues that were once only whispered about. Talking about them was more of a taboo as it didn’t auger well with those affected by the issues. Here are some of the new health and wellness issues being refashioned in the year 2019.

  • Hims and Hers: have unveiled new interventions to tackle male erectile dysfunction plus female hair loss
  • Blume: seems to have unveiled the first consistent brand of self-care products for teens undergoing puberty
  • Genneve: a telehealth service that is dedicated to assisting women to manage the issues of going through menopause.

In essence, the health and wellness sector is promising not just for individuals but US based healthcare facilities as well as they’ll find better interventions for health issues that traditional medical practices have been unable to address.


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