The Number of People Killed by Overdose Increases day by day

The Number of People Killed by Overdose Increases day by day

There is new proof that the United States is vulnerable to powerful drugs concocted in laboratories. The synthetic opioid fentanyl kills many people day by day.

In 2017 more than 72,000 people died because of drug overdoses and recently more than 24 people were rushed to the emergency rooms in New Haven, Connecticut after showing violent reactions to synthetic drugs.

What happened in more details

A severe incident in the central park from New Haven on Wednesday. After many people have taken synthetic drugs the lost consciousness, started vomited or convulsed. The people in case needed immediate medical assistance and treatment. Fortunately, there were no deaths in this case.

During the recent months, the synthetic marijuana had put hundreds of people from 10 states into hospitals. These victims had such adverse reactions because the synthetic drug was laced with fentanyl.

Illicit fentanyl is one of the most dangerous drugs in the street causing more damage than others. Even though it is as easy to make as cheap is also 50 times powerful than heroin. After being cut into cocaine, heroin, and other drugs, it is pressed into the form of a pill tricking users who covet prescription medications. A medical specialist from Baltimore says that the combination of drugs is a lot more dangerous than the consumption of one drug on its own.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention records in 2017 more than 72,000 people died due to overdosing on drugs increasing by 9.5 percent from 2016. The cause of these deaths are usually carfentanil and fentanyl along with stronger drugs such as opioid which is used as a large-animal tranquilizer.

A person can die from just a few grams of each drug. It is no child game.


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