The Number Of Alcoholics Has Increased And The Drinking Issue Is Becoming Even More Concerning

The Number Of Alcoholics Has Increased And The Drinking Issue Is Becoming Even More Concerning

The drinking problem in the United States has reached incredible highs. This is why people are asking for measures; they need so desperately, not only to slow down the rate of deaths caused by alcohol, but also the problems caused by it.

Even JAMA Psychiatry has recently published a study in which it was stated that women, minorities and older adults tend to have serious drinking problems. A well-known federal agency for alcohol research examined and analyzed the drinking patterns and how they changed over a period of over 10 years.

The study results turned out to be how everybody expected them to be. It appears that during those years the drinking problem increased significantly. The things alcoholism attracts are of course, bad natured. We’re talking about a bigger crime rate, an increased number of deaths, violence and accidents (drinking and driving combined). Obviously, some measures have to be taken, and this should happen really fast.

The concerning thing about it is the fact that a decrease in the number of alcoholics has been reported over the time frame between the `70s – `90s. After those years, at the beginning of the 90s the consumption of alcohol was starting to slowly increase. Moreover, alcohol problems nearly increased by 58% among women, 65% among older adults, and the numbers are even scarier when it comes to alcohol abuse and other problems that it is causing.

More specifically, the number doubled among the poor and the older adults. Of course, scientists are wondering how that happened and people are waiting for answers and measures.

So far, we haven’t been given an answer. The studies only show that the most concerning issue is the one regarding older adults because they are more likely to get injured, for example, and in this case, the problems alcohol causes could be even bigger.


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