The Most Popular Student Diseases and Precautions

The Most Popular Student Diseases and Precautions

Student life is full of surprises, pleasant moments, and, not without this, much stress which is gained during the preparation for the exams, or single classes. Going to sleep late, constant overloading on the brain, desire to gain a perfect mark, and desperation when a failure occurs – these are the factors that may influence health conditions. Furthermore, it is necessary to establish a harmonized disposure of our principal resource, our time. Time management is also important within the context of ensuring adequate physical condition. Nevertheless, it is not the only way to strengthen yourself. So, how could students remain healthy and cheerful, what are the most common diseases among them, what should they pay attention to, and what measures must be taken to preclude such threats? Well, let’s find out together?

Reasons of diseases

We shall start from the primary reasons for most illnesses for the purpose of their further identification.

Overloading, Lack of Relaxation

First of all, the overload from deadlines, tasks, homework, etc. may be one of the most popular reasons why students feel not good and very exhausted. We must understand the fact that not everyone is an ideal worker. Moreover, struggling for better results can be compared to working out at a sports gym because people also lose a lot of energy in order to harden muscles. In this case, the brain is considered to be the main muscle. In particular, some students break their backs to receive a mark, which doesn’t decide anything. That is why regaining energy and relaxing is a vital part of our lives.

Overeating, Lack of Diet

Subconsciously, people want to combine the loss and the receipt of energy. While working, students may not even notice how much snacks and meals they consume, and the food schedule is impaired. What is more, a sedentary lifestyle is definitely not cool. The imbalance of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins (especially when the first one prevails) may cause obesity, pain in the hands and legs, headaches, willingness to lay on the bed, etc. Unfortunately, because of the lack of time, students find it somehow difficult to stand up and make a salad, instead of buying bags of chips in advance.

Other Factors

For sure, many conditions to get a troublesome disease are not created only by students. Natural ones can be harmful in a large scope, so quarantines and anti-epidemiologic measures are taken. The ordinary flu caused a lot of damage. Nowadays, we are facing the COVID crisis, and no matter how people protect themselves, it may appear suddenly. Thus, strong immunity is a keystone to success.

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Popular Diseases

Now we move on to the exact identification of diseases in accordance with the reasons for their appearance mentioned above. In virtue of the statistics, the most common diseases among students are claimed to be related to the respiratory apparatus: flu, SARS, acute tonsillitis, and angina. Already mentioned obesity, or overweight can be a source of several problems with musculoskeletal and circulatory systems. The even worse scenario may occur if dysautonomia (which is more like a syndrome) emerges. Speaking of mobility, a shortage of it may cause constant migraines and even arthritis. Finally, the problem may arise on the mental level and cause several mental illnesses, such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), possibly bipolar affective disorder (BAD).

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Dealing with diseases

Remember: when you refer to a doctor, he or she will only cure the illness, but he won’t maintain your health further. It is up to you! Hence, here are some advice on how to be healthier and don’t be a permanent visitor to the pharmacy:

  • Live in conformity to your personal schedule! Your life should have an exact order, and chaos is not an option, especially when a student wants to succeed in gaining knowledge!
  • Eat healthy food, and you will see that even after completing your college tasks, you will likely have the energy to do something more!
  • Surround yourself with positive things, turn on relaxing music, keep your workspace clean and beautiful, and don’t bother or lower yourself! You are a superstar!
  • Be physically active. If you don’t have an opportunity to visit gyms, just go hitch-hiking, running, or even for a little stroll. Better bringing your friends with you!
  • Sleep enough! According to the Cleveland Clinic research, a 7-hour sleep is enough to remain active and ready to reach new heights!
  • Stick to the foregoing advice, and remember a simple rule: the more you take care of your health, the less you will bother with diseases and queues to the doctor! Bring it on!

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