The Most Accurate Dark Map Poses Mysteries About Our Universe

The Most Accurate Dark Map Poses Mysteries About Our Universe

Dark matter is very intriguing. Though it is so abundant in the universe, we know so little about it. The main reason behind that is the fact that dark matter is complicated to find and study. However, technology and science evolved considerably since the discovery of dark matter, and humanity is slowly moving slower towards understanding dark matter in its entirety.

Scientists from the Dark Energy Survey have just published the most advanced dark matter map to date, but it led to more questions than answers!

Multiple websites reported the survey of 5,000 square degrees via gravitational lensing – a process that analyzes how gravity from close galaxies impacts views of distant ones with the goal of finding large patches of dark matter in relatively close areas of the universe.

The data helped studies advance into the field of dark energy, the unexplained force that appears to be behind the universe’s expansion process.

The team put together a 3D map via redshifting, objects’ tendency of appearing increasingly red as they get farther.

The researchers conducted the study with the help of a 570-megapixel camera from the Victor M. Blanco telescope of Chile’s Cerro Tololo observatory. The observations took place between 2013 and 2019.

Though increased levels of detail are welcome, they confirmed concerns that have been troubling scientists for years.

The DES data shows that the universe is smoother and more uniform than previously thought.

Though that mainly supports existing theories that dark energy is a constant, the discrepancy gave scientists reason to rethink their existing ideas.

The universe may not behave like scientists previously believed, and the newly published dark matter map may help create new models that would contradict past assumptions.


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