The Moon has not been Visited for 50 Years, but that does not stay like this

The Moon has not been Visited for 50 Years, but that does not stay like this

It has been 50 years since someone has walked on the moon, but that situation will be changed by 2028, according to NASA. If their plan does not fail, the mission will consist in more than leaving footprints and flags.

NASA is working with other nations’ space agencies and commercial partners on their plan to build a space station that orbits the moon which would also be a permanent lunar base.

According to the director of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, Jody Singer, in a 2018 congressional hearing, NASA is getting ready to return to the moon and to travel on to Mars keeping going United States’ mission to discover the unknown.

If NASA wants to keep its popularity, they should move fats because a few days ago, for the first time for any nation, a lander and rover were successfully placed on the far side of the moon by China.


The last human to walk on the moon was Gene Cernan. Before getting back on the spacecraft that would bring him to the Earth, Apollo 17, the astronaut took one last look at the surface of the moon and said: “God willing, as we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind.”

Until now Nasa could not fulfill this prediction as its attention was shifted closer to home, their goal is to build space shuttles and then an International Space Station the size of a football field, and that did not stop since 2000. There were many trials to send astronauts back to the moon, but with no success. According to Jim Bridenstine, a NASA administrator, the situation will be different this time.

NASA is now looking forward to finding commercial partners that can help them achieve their goals.


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