The Keto Diet Raised Some Nutritionist and Trainer Eyebrows

The Keto Diet Raised Some Nutritionist and Trainer Eyebrows

During this time of the year, most Americans will try to lose weight following new diets.

The Keto diet has been previously slammed by Jillian Michaels, a famous trainer that made headlines at the beginning of the week.

According to some nutritionists, you will not be helped to lose weight by high-fat diets like Keto.

Danielle Glover, a personal trainer, is one of the numerous people in the health and fitness industry that is convinced that the Keto diet does not cause as much good as it harms.

Following this diet, you will be required to get rid of the carbs and substitute them with more protein and foods higher in fat.

According to Glover, your cholesterol level can increase because of the higher fat diet, and it can also cause some problems that are even more dangerous. She also added that good diets do not restrict people from eating carbs which is the primary source of energy to our bodies. It can also do good to your body if you eat the right kinds.

Based on a study by the Courier-Journal the results from the keto diet are not sustainable, and it is also successful in short therm.

Aside from that, Glover also adds that your mindset on food can get changed if you follow certain diets for too long, which is not worth the extreme lifestyle change.

She said that food is meant to be enjoyed in abundance because it is good for you, but only the right kinds. Every time one of these fat diets are followed for a long time, you will begin to see the food as you enemy which it is not.

She advised people that before starting a diet, they should find one that allows them to enjoy good food in moderation.


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