The International Space Station to Welcome a Canadian Astronaut

The International Space Station to Welcome a Canadian Astronaut

It is no wonder that countries all over the world are more than interested in sending astronauts from their land on the International Space Station. One of NASA’s latest astronauts to join the others on the International Space Station is a man of Canadian descent. His trip on the International Space Station is going to last around six months.

Who is this man?

We are talking about Andrew Feustel, nickname Drew, who si a citizen of both the US and Canada. He is going to be blasted into space along with Ricky Arnold and Oleg Artemyev, a Russian astronaut, at 1:44 PM ET.

By now you may have wondered what they will be travelling to space in. Well, they are going to travel on a Soyuz rocket that comes from Kazakhstan. They are luckier than David Saint-Jacques, who is going to the International Space Station in November for a period of six months.

Feustel’s life

His story is a rather happy. He saw Indira, his current wife, at Indiana’s Purdue University. After they fell in love and decided to get married they decided to come to Canada. Feustel was fixated on finishing his education. That is why in the 1990s he got a PhD in geological sciences at Kingston.

He is the proud father of two beautiful children, named Ari and Aden. They were born in Kingston. Andrew shared on Facebook that his two lovely boys were born two years apart on the same date: April 26. Feustel started to train to be an astronaut in August 2000, as reported by the Johnson Space Center.

This new trip is going to be Feustel’s third time going into outer space on a mission and his second time on the International Space Station. Quite impressive, isn’t it? We hope that this trip will prove to be another amazing experience for him.


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