The Future Is A Blend Of AI And Quantum Computing

The Future Is A Blend Of AI And Quantum Computing

It really looks like the future of technology gets more exciting with each passing day. Forbes shared a new article in which they urge to plan for an AI and quantum future. Check out the highlights of their article below.

Forbes urges for plans regarding AI and the quantum future

Their article begins by noting that it’s not a secret that AI is currently being adopted and developed at an astonishing rate.

The author brings up Stanford University’s 2024 AI Index Report which revealed that funding for generative AI experienced an important increase in 2023, and it managed to jump to $over 25 billion.

They also noted that by now, every company should have an AI in place, but it’s time to start thinking about where quantum computing fits into this plan. It’s been revealed that companies that can envision how quantum computing fits into a plan with AI will be the ones that become well-positioned to gain a competitive edge by drawing on the technologies’ combined advantages while addressing energy demands.

Forbes also addressed how these two technologies are able to join forces.

They note that AI is excelling in automating tasks and streamlining processes, helping businesses in making data-driven decisions by uncovering patterns, trends, and insights as well. Also, at the same time, quantum computing is best at solving complex optimization problems such as the following: supply chain management, manufacturing efficiency, employee scheduling, and emission reduction, according to Forbes.

They finish their article by stating that the two technologies are complementary.

Quantum computing shows how it could enhance AI by enabling a more accurate and more effective training model, and leveraging the predictive capabilities of AI in order to deliver better-optimized business processes.

Quantum computing could soon supercharge AI for some important use cases in ways that are sustainable in terms of costs and energy as well.

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