The Flu Vaccination is More Important Than Ever During The COVID-19 Pandemic


While scientists all over the world are still struggling to come up with both treatment and vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the vaccination for the age-old influenza virus can be a better choice than ever. Furthermore, doctors even believe that it’s the most important time when we should get a shot of the flu vaccine. Manufacturers have increased this year’s production of flu vaccines in the US with almost 25% to 40%.

The strong recommendation of getting vaccinated for influenza comes due to the fact that in the fall, the US will be dealing with two largely-spread viruses: SARS-CoV-2 and the well-known flu.

No need to worry for children

Sunil Budhrani , the Chief Medical Officer and CEO of Innovation Health, declares:

“By getting the flu shot, you’re effectively going to help us take one problem off the table,”

As some people are still reluctant when it comes to getting their children vaccinated for the flu, Budhrani comes to clarify things by saying:

“Children are exposed to almost 2,000 to 6,000 different antigens their bodies make antibodies to every year,”

“If you put that in perspective and give a vaccination like a flu shot and ultimately a coronavirus vaccine — when it’s made available to protect your health and others — will be incredibly critical and with a very, very impressive safety profile as things go through our process.”

Despite the fact that some people and political leaders still want to cling to the idea that the COVID-19 disease is just a flu, the stats prove them totally wrong. The pandemic is even back for another round with its second waves hitting Spain, Italy, France, the UK, Germany, and other countries as well. Not to mention that the situation worsens for other countries like Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Romania, and more.

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